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Drill Wheels

We've specialized on drilling wheels, we can redrill all kinds of wheels. We offer two types of redrills, a standard redrill is when we redrill the original lug holes and move the bolt pattern to another size within 8mm. We normally use hardened steel inserts or sleeves, except when the bolt patterns are really close. 

Webster Tires and Wheels - Drilling wheels

      Wheel Drill Service


We've specialized on doing bolt pattern conversions with this process. This is required when you want to convert a 5 lug to 4 lugs. This is popular with BBS RS / RM / RC / RZ wheels, for example going from 5x120 to 4x100. We carefully weld the original lug holes with air craft grade aluminum. This is a labor intensive process and requires paint to be removed around the lug holes before welding for proper adhesion and penetration.

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